in finding suspects on March 31, 2012 !

Have you seen anyone wearing a shirt like this today?






Take their picture and send it to:


By joining Team Rave, you could split a $ 5,000 prize!



The Contest  This is a social media networking contest (The TAG Challenge). The challenge is to be the first to locate the five people wearing "TAG Challenge" shirts.  These "suspects" will be moving around in public locations on Saturday, 31 March 2012 in Washington D.C., London, New York City, Stockholm, and Bratislava. 


A $5,000 cash prize will be awarded to the first entrant to submit the pictures of 1 person from each city.




Team Rave Strategy Our basic strategy is "Largest Network".  The usefulness of a network increases when the number of its users increases.  If you find one person in your city, you cannot win this challenge yourself.  You need a team - Team Rave.



How Can I Help Team Rave?  Spread the word about this contest through your social media links.  If you see someone in a "Tag Challenge" shirt then email pictures to 



Prize Money How is Team Rave going to split the $5,000 prize?  If we win, the 1st person to submit a correct picture for a given city will get $1000 (- any taxes).  NOTE:  THIS IS THE LARGEST AMOUNT ANY TEAM IS GIVING AWAY.  If you are choosing teams, this should help you make up your mind.


Team Rave organizers are playing this contest purely for the thrill.


Team Rave competed in the DARPA Network Challenge in 2009. 



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Link to challenge site: Tag Challenge